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Hello there! This is my first GBGameJam, please be gentle!

So this is a concept of mine to have a survival-style battle where you have a lineup of characters fight against another lineup of enemies, where the battles are determined in a very small amount of turns. Currently, the battle scales linearly as you defeat more enemies (and will scale toward your characters as more of your guys have been defeated).

Lose all your health, and your character dies. If you have other characters still alive (represented by the hearts) the next one in line will move up to fight.

Armor soaks up damage. Each point of armor will negate a point of damage being done to health.

You have four main types of actions: Attack, Defend, Utility, and Support. Attack deals damage, Defend gives you armor, Utility offers a chance to strip your opponent's armor, and Support heals you.

Each different character has a different set of base stats that will determine how effective a different action is.

The actual amount you attack/heal will also be affected by a low/mid/high roll, introducing an RNG element.

I would like to explore balance options and strategical depth, so your feedback is very welcome and important in seeing how far we can go with such a simple model!


Cutthroat.exe 2 MB